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Have you ever wanted your OWN home?

Our Rent to Own program will get you to home ownership!

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What is Rent-To-Own?

Rent to Own is a Non-traditional way to purchase a home when a buyer lacks the resources to buy it or needs time to repair/establish credit. The client will get to choose a home bought by the investor. Once the client is in their new home they will pay rent and another portion of monthly payments will be put towards the Rent to Own home. At the end of the term there is an option to purchase at a predetermined price.

Who Benefits from Rent to Own?

  • Business owner or self employed

  • Bruised credit history

  • Bankruptcy/consumer proposal

  • New to the country

  • Not enough-payment for traditional lending

  • First time home buyers

  • Recently divorced

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Benefits of Rent-To-Own

  • Home Owner in Training

  • No obligation to buy

  • Immediate control and possession of the property

  • Tenant benefits from any betterments or improvements to property – ONLY with approval from the owner

  • Rent payments are fixed for the duration of the contract

  • Future purchase price is definite and tenant benefits from additional appreciation

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  • Annual household income is greater than $75,000

  • Canadian resident

  • Minimum $15,000 initial deposit

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Your Responsibilities

  • Make monthly payments on time

  • Pay utility bills

  • Keep the maintenance of your home

  • Pay tenant insurance

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About Us

Bloom Corner Properties is real estate investment company driven to help families and professional individuals reach their financial goals through real estate investing. The name derives from the love of nature. We want to see lives bloom like a flower. Our mission is to provide peaceful happy homes in a worry free environment. We strive to find opportunities that have the potential to make great returns for our investments and the investments of our partners. We invest across Canada in the Niagara region, Windsor, and Saint John

Our Top 3 Values

  • Purpose

  • Gratitude

  • Integrity

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